Some Fundamental Human Rights

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There are certain rights that are offered to every person regardless of which nation a person belongs to.  These are known as human rights which intend to guarantee that every person is enjoying a dignified and successful life. Human rights are equal for all and an individual is offered these rights because of the only reason that he or she is a human being.

Charles Lincoln Abbott III

Below are some fundamental human rights that we all should be conscious of:

Right to equality:

All human beings are equal. No human is superior to the other. Therefore, everyone should be treated equally and should be given equal rights. God has bestowed all humans with the ability to think and reason, all humans are made equal; hence, everyone must receive similar treatment.

Right to security:

This is a basic human right that every individual should be offered safety and protection from higher authorities so that he or she can live freely and without any fears.

Right to personal freedom:

All humans are made free. Therefore, on one can be and should be bonded by another person as it is a fundamental human right of every person to enjoy freedom and liberty.

Right to equality:

By law, all people are equal and hence same laws should be applied to all. This signifies that a person who is guilty will be punished according to the law irrespective of his or her status or position in society.

Right to nationality:

No one should be denied the right to nationality as it is a fundamental human right. People feel secure and get a feeling of self-identity due to nationality.

Freedom of belief:

People are free to believe in whatever religion they want to. They cannot be discriminated on the basis of their beliefs or religions. Everyone is free to worship, go to religious places and practice their religion without any interference.

Freedom of speech:

Everyone has the fundamental right to express his or her views on various issues. This signifies that a person is free to take part in discussions and put his or her arguments. Though, one must also bear this in mind that freedom of speech comes with a lot of responsibility and a responsible citizen is the one who knows how to exercise his right to express in an accurate manner.

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Some Fundamental Human RightsunratedCharles Lincoln Abbott III2018-11-07 01:23:49There are certain rights that are offered to every person regardless of which nation a person belongs to.  These are known as human rights which inte…

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