Prohibition And Prevention Of Torture

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We all have at some point witnessed or heard about a series of incidents concerning torture in our lives. These incidents keep on occurring though it’s a fundamental human right that everyone should be protected from physical torture and pain. Nonetheless, we get to observe a range of such events where different people get tortured by others.

Charles Lincoln Abbott III

One common example in this regard is the prisoners’ situation. A lot of time police authorities cruelly torture the prisoners just to make them confess something. In more severe situations, women are harassed and even raped. Some prisoners are given electric shocks; some are burned with a hot iron while some are beaten brutally. Many prisoners become retarded as a result of the constant physical torment and some even fail to cope with the physical pain and eventually die. Sometimes in the face of severe torture, people even make false confessions just to stop beating or other tortuous acts.

Torture is defined as any act of inflicting a severe and ruthless pain, either physical or mental, on a person deliberately. All the nations stand against the act of inflicting torture on people but unfortunately, we still get to see many heart-wrenching cases related to this. In the US, neither the citizens nor the outsiders are allowed to be subjected to torment. International law offers both (citizens and outsiders) right not to be tortured. The embargo against torturous acts applies to everyone regardless of nation, class, religion, ethnicity, culture, race, and so. The United States even bans using force to pressurize a captive to speak. Even the usage of minor force is not allowed.

Treating a person under interrogation badly is a way of denying them their fundamental right to respect and dignity. The prohibition against all such acts is entrenched in respect for all and the sacredness of the human mind and body. Inhuman and degrading treatment is not allowed under any circumstances. Torturing prisoners and even criminals should never be taken as an option because one must bear this in mind that torture is as prone to yield incorrect information as it is to yield the correct information.

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